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EcoLogical Lawn Water Capturing System

eco-logoPeople looking for new measures to combat the drought and water restrictions, can now capture the rain water that falls on their synthetic lawn using Pro-tech’s Eco Logical Lawn Water Capturing System (patent pending).

The water that is captured using the system can then be used to wash the family car, water the garden or top up the pool.

When it rains, Pro-tech’s synthetic lawn makes it easy to collect fresh rain water with the help of a sub-turf membrane or water run-off mat which collects the water and stores it in a subterranean water tank. The modular tank, which can sit beneath or adjacent to the lawn, can then have its water pumped to a garden tap.

The Water Capturing System is ideal for residential and commercial properties as well as synthetic sporting surfaces such as soccer and hockey fields.

Pro-tech distributes the Water Capturing System throughout Australia, and will also manage the minor plumbing and electrical work that is required for its installation.

Give Pro-tech a call today on 1300 554 334 for more information.