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Synthetic Lawns – Wholesale

Pro-tech Corp wholesales its Eco Logical Lawn system to retail outlets, distributors and other on-sellers throughout Australia.

The synthetic lawn system is ideal for a range of different outlets, such as landscapers, garden suppliers, and retail outlets specialising in home supplies and outdoor living.

There is significant consumer demand for a no-mow, no-water lawn, which looks like real grass, especially in our dry climate; and existing Pro-tech distributors experience little competition. The synthetic lawn is already in the front yard and backyards of homes across the country.

Pro-tech wholesales its Eco Logical lawns, which means the product is ready for direct ‘off-the-shelf’ sale to customers and for direct use by landscapers. Unlike the Pro-tech putting green, which involves a more complex installation process and requires a professional installation team, the lawn is relatively easy to install with basic instructions.

The unique Pro-tech Eco Logical lawn system is supported by various public relations, direct marketing and advertising initiatives, managed by Pro-tech Corp.

Wholesale inquires should be directed to Pro-tech head office on 1300 554 334.