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Lawns – Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose synthetic grass over traditional organic grass?

Synthetic grass never requires watering or mowing and looks and feels like traditional organic grass.

The Eco Logical Lawn is a great alternative for people who are conscious of current water restrictions, want a perfect looking lawn all year round and do not have the time to maintain a lawn or find it difficult to grow organic grass.

Does the Eco Logical Lawn look and feel real?

Yes it does. The Eco Logical Lawn is extremely realistic to natural grass. It is both soft and child friendly.

Does the Eco Logical Lawn require any maintenance?

The Eco Logical Lawn will never need watering, mowing or weeding. For residents who install the Lawn in areas of high traffic conditions, an occasional brush over may be needed to maintain a healthy, grass-like look and feel.

How long will the Eco Logical Lawn last?

The Lawn should last for at least twenty years, depending on a variety of factors including, how many pets you have, weather conditions and sports that are played on the grass.

Is this synthetic grass suitable for hot, dry climates?

Yes the Eco Logical Lawn has a very high UV protection factor inbuilt which means it won’t fade. As the Eco Logical Lawn requires no watering it is perfect for Australia’s hot, dry climates.

Can I capture the water that falls on my Eco Logical lawn?

In order to combat the drought and water restrictions, Pro-tech has developed a Water Capturing System that can be installed underneath the Eco Logical Lawn.

As it rains, water is collected from the Eco Logical Lawn with the help of a sub-turf membrane or water run-off mat. This apparatus stores the water in a subterranean water tank, which sits beneath or adjacent to the lawn. The water from the tank can then be conveniently pumped to a garden tap and used to water flowers and plants clean your car or top up the pool.

Where has the Lawn been installed?

The Eco Logical lawn has been installed in residential backyards, council parks and streets, schools, child care centres, luxury apartments and housing display villages across Australia.

Is the Eco Logical Lawn easy to install?

The Eco Logical Lawn will be fully installed by qualified and experienced installers. Once fitted, the lawns never need mowing, watering or weeding.

Is the Eco Logical Lawn pet friendly?

Yes, the lawn is pet friendly. Urine will not bleach the synthetic grass and other animal mess can be picked up the same way you would remove it from organic grass.

Visit our testimonials to see what residents with pets have thought of the lawn.

How much does an Eco Logical Lawn cost?

An Eco Logical Lawn varies in price depending on the size and shape of the coverage area and if the Water Capturing System is also installed. Although more expensive then real grass, when you compare the time and costs associated with keeping traditional organic lawn in top condition (eg: turfing, watering, trimming and growing), synthetic lawn proves to be a more long-term, economical and convenient option.