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Synthetic Grass Lawns – Applications


If you are looking for synthetic grass, Pro-tech’s Eco Logical Lawn is ideal for backyards and front yards of properties, and will keep the garden looking new and fresh without the need for mowing or watering.

Lawns Our Eco Logical Lawn product is also an excellent landscaping alternative for areas where it is difficult to grow grass, especially in townhouse and apartment style homes.

For landscapers, the product is a lot easier to transport and install compared to grass, especially in hard-to-get-to places, and it works well in pool areas and on sloping ground.


Corporate facilities and office blocks often seek to integrate an outdoor setting with the office environment, but it is normally not an option to use grass because it won’t grow and is too difficult to look after.

The Pro-tech Eco Logical Lawn is ideal on roof-tops of buildings and in enclosed courtyard areas where there is little sun. The grass-like look and feel is an attractive alternative to concrete slab., and it will remain in top condition for staff and clients with minimal care.

Resort, property development and public places
The Pro-tech Eco Logical Lawn system can be effectively included in the landscape design of large resort areas or property developments, saving the time and cost associated with maintaining a beautiful green lawn.

Pro-tech can manufacture and install synthetic lawns for landscaped resorts, property developments such as retirement homes and unit blocks and public spaces such as recreational facilities, council areas and nature strips.

Sporting surfaces

Pro-tech supplies a range of other specialised synthetic sport surfaces such as soccer and rugby league fields.

Synthetic lawn systems are commonly used by football clubs in Europe, especially as a training surface, which requires less maintenance compared to real grass and can better cope with poor weather conditions.