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Modular Greens – Your Answer To Lower Scores

Will this improve my game?

Like anything in life practice is the key to success. Owning a Tour Links green will give you the opportunity to practice regularly in the privacy of your home or office on a professional quality putting green and this will, with out a doubt create positive results in your putting game.

Is there a green for my budget?

Due to the innovative design of Tour Links greens if you can afford a new driver you can own your own putting green.

Is it O.K. to leave the greens outside?

Absolutely. The material used in both the platforms and the putting surface is designed to with stand the exterior elements. We would recommend however that it is advisable to roll up the turf and take it indoors if prolonged severe weather is forecasted.

Is the green hard to assemble?

In most cases any green can be built in 15 minutes or less with only a Phillips screwdriver. Larger greens will take a little more time but still less time then hitting a large bucket of balls on the driving range

Once I have built the green can I move it to a different location?

Simply take the green apart and re-install it at a new location of your choice.

Can you change the contours?

Yes. By inserting the foam contour mats under the turf an infinite number of breaks can be created and easily changed.

How would you install the green in your backyard?

Perhaps the easiest method is to simply mow the grass in the area that you want to install your Tour Links green and place the platforms directly on the grass. After a few days the grass under the platforms will die and the green will settle into the landscape. If a less then perfect soil setting is chosen a 1″ base of crushed shell followed by a 1/2″ of sand will create a very solid base for the platforms. Adding material here and removing it there will create natural contour to your new green. The panels are designed to flow over the existing or created contours of the yard but on a flat surface the green will putt dead straight.

Why do the cups move?

The cups are designed to move to allow for the expansion and contraction of both the platforms and the carpet thus allowing for perfect cup alignment in all weather conditions.

Can I expand the green once I have purchased a particular model?

Simply purchase additional panels and a new piece of turf and a new design can be created.

Is the turf fast?

The Tour Links putting turf is designed to replicate Tour speed conditions.

It appears that the turf is faster in one direction, is that normal?

Just like the greens at your club our turf has grain and will vary from putting into the grain and with the grain just like a natural green