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Synthetic Tee-lines – Product Information

teelinePro-tech’s tee-line plays better and lasts longer than natural grass or driving mats, and looks superb. Our tee-line is available for installation at driving ranges, golf courses and other golf facilities across Australia.

Compared to driving mats, the 50 millimetre polyethylene strand surface provides a much better feel when using an iron or a wood, and allows you to use your own tee for driving. It is especially useful for driving range- s whose patrons find that fixed tees at are either too high or too short.

This style of tee-line also takes away the challenge of having to constantly replace driving mats, which can be a very expensive task for driving range operators and equally as frustrating for patrons.

A Pro-tech tee line can be installed on either a concrete surface or in grassed areas.

Upon installation the surface is sand-filled to within 5-10 mm from the top of the turf. Maintenance of the surface is limited to occasionally brushing sand into the heavily used areas.

Call Pro-tech today  on 1300 554 334 with any inquiries.

“Customers come to our driving range knowing that they have a pure hitting surface to tee off from and the tee-line has also allowed us to cater for the better-than average golfer, which has increased our own business. The tee-line has the added advantage of requiring very minimal maintenance, whilst providing a top quality grass area all year round.”