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Synthetic Greens – Installation

Pro-tech putting greens are a fully installed, permanent entertainment and/or practice facility.

The installation of a Pro-tech Green starts with the preparation of the area, which has to be meticulous. It starts by installing a porous road base to a thickness of approximately 150 mm, which is then compacted.

A further layer of approximately 50 mm of fine crushed metal dust road base is laid and contoured and trowelled into the required shape of the finished green. A rubber layer is then placed carefully over the road base to give a softer feel and finally the 35 mm long strand synthetic turf is laid.

The final surface of the putting green is built up by meticulously brushing in silica sand to within approx 5mm of the top of the turf strands.

Pro-tech uses an alternate synthetic grass for the fringe surrounds. This fringe offers the opportunity to practice chipping on to the green as well as enhances the aesthetic appeal of the green. After the green is installed, routine maintenance is normally confined to occasional brushing and rolling, depending on the volume of usage.

The cost of installation of a Pro-tech Green will vary, depending on a number of variables including accessibility to the site, the size of the green and facilities required. The end result is a superb putting surface equally valuable as a serious practice green or entertainment facility.