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Synthetic Greens – Professional Endorsements

When not on tour, many of the world’s leading golfers practice on the perfect putting surface using the exact same technology that Pro-tech brought to Australia.

By installing a Pro-tech Green you will be joining a growing list of world class professionals and golf enthusiasts who use and endorse our technologically advanced putting greens.

Pro-tech putting greens are a championship-quality synthetic putting surface that requires virtually no maintenance, and can be installed in residential backyards, at corporate offices, apartment developments, resorts, hotels and motels, or indeed for non-championship golf courses and driving ranges. Pro-tech can install surfaces suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

In Australia Peter O’Malley and Wayne Grady have installed Pro-tech Greens at their homes for their personal practice.

The photo at the right shows Bob & Blanche Hawke on their new rooftop Pro-tech putting green.

Project architects:
Sorin Dascalu & Associates

Since having my Pro-tech putting green on my roof it’s been marvellous fun and it has certainly improved my putting

The great thing about the Pro-tech green is that it plays as true as any green we play on around the world, and it requires next to no maintenance or watering to keep it in this condition

“Putting on my Pro-tech green is very similar to putting on any good professional tournament green, it is excellent for practice.”

“My Pro-tech Green is great for practice, I use it every day!”

Bob & Blanche Hawke

Bob & Blanche Hawke

Peter O'Malley & Bill Rorke

Peter O’Malley & Bill Rorke

Wayne Grady

Wayne Grady

Paul Marantz

Paul Marantz

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